Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daytime Bandit

Walking in to the back room, I noticed a hummingbird fluttering right in front of the window. Of course, I was without camera, but when I got back with the camera, I noticed a shape in the reflection of my shed's window that looked like a raccoon. Then I saw it climbing up my pine tree... and he noticed me, too.

Raccoon 1

Raccoon 2

It hesitated climbing up the tree initially because a squirrel, Preggers, was blocking its way. Her nest is in that tree. Eventually, Preggers ran off and silently watched him from a nearby tree.

Raccoon 3

Raccoon 4

It got into the tree and settled in, but there was a lot of noise in my yard from all the birds. Its head was flitting around at all the bird calls, so it decided this wasn't the best place for a daytime nap and left. It disappeared like a shadow in the night. I have no idea how it got down because it didn't come back down the trunk.

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