Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Raining Squirrels!

Around 9 PM last night, Hubby and I were sitting in our living room, having a quiet conversation when we heard a loud, "Bang!  Bang!"  Something had fallen, or landed very hard, on our roof and then our garbage cans.

We looked at eachother quizzically, and he said, "Raccoon?"

I said, "Maybe, but that's exactly what it sounded like when that baby squirrel fell out of the tree."

I grabbed my coat and flashlight and went outside to see if there was another injured squirrel.  It wasn't windy last night, but it had started to rain lightly.  I opened the door and didn't didn't see anything, but I heard rustling leaves and a squirrel barking.  It was a persistent bark, but I could not tell where it was coming from.  I checked the ground around the tree and the cans but found no animals of any kind.  

I could still hear the barking.  It was constant.  It seemed to be moving away from me.  I went back inside and checked the backyard with a flashlight.  Nothing.  Just on a hunch, I checked the driveway one more time, and that's when I saw a flash of a squirrel and its big, bushy tail streaking across the driveway toward the oak tree.

I don't know if it was a baby or adult that fell, if it was being chased by something or if it was Preggers trying to find a baby that fell.  It was too dark to discern. This morning, there weren't any hurt or injured squirrels around, so I'm hopeful that it was nothing.

On the Preggers front, I saw her while I was out grilling the other day.  I heard a scratching noise and turned to see Preggers heading for a little "V" in one of the tree trunks.  There was another squirrel up at the "rest stop" that I initially thought might be one of her younguns, but upon closer inspection, it was too big.  

I think he was chasing her because she sure seemed to be trying to hide.

I watched her awhile, and she let me get pretty close until she scurried away.

She ended up on one of our trees and started eating the buds.  I have lived in this house for years, and I didn't know this was a flowering tree.  It has not flowered once in the time I've been here.  Now I know why!  I think she's mocking me.  Look at the smrik on her face!  ;)

Here's another little guy reaching for something to eat in our Oak tree.  I knew squirrels relied on trees for homes and food, but I thought the food was limited to nuts and things.  Now, I've seen them eat roots, loose bark, buds and flowers, too!


Ginnymo said...

I love your posts. I'm glad you didn't find any injured squirrels. It is odd to have them out at night isn't it? I have loads of Gray squirrels and they always go home by dark. Unless they got scared by something and had to hide till after dark. I used to worry about them till I saw them in their trees and going home. The fox are lurking around before it gets dark too. I just saw mine outside my window and got a few shots before it got too dark. The squirrels do eat a lot of buds off the trees and they chew on the bark but that is mostly for their nests I think. Great posts!! Love your squirrel stories.

Ratty said...

I'm relieved that you didn't find another one. It's better to think that they're fine and it was maybe just a little tumble. All of these closeup pictures of the others are excellent, by the way.

worldphotos4 said...

More super photos. The squirrels here always head to the drey before it gets dark.

crazy57bus said...

Great pictures of Preggers. I particularly like the one of her walking the fence wire. She is an acrobat. We get bumps on the roof at night too but it sounds more like a gallop. We haven't figured out what it is.

Kelly said... post. I love the photo of Preggers walking across the wire fence. Her little stretched feed are so cute!!