Monday, June 22, 2009

No More Dragon Tails?

Getting settled into a new place took much longer than I expected, but it's finally starting to come together. I miss my squirrels, but I saw them a few times before we were completely out of the old place.

If you might recall, we were worried about a few things, primarily the fate of Preggers' young and Dragon, because his tail was injured. Well, Preggers did in fact have one baby left. She came by with a little squirrel that got so scared when we opened the blinds that it jumped up and over the porch's lower railing. It desperately tried to hang on with its claws to the decking, but it fell (just a foot or so) and ran off. Preggers caught up with it after grabbing a bite to eat.

Dragon also came by, which was a nice surprise. He was getting along okay with his limp tail, but we were worried about how long he would last.

Unfortunately, just like the cat Crazy57bus mentioned in the comment section of my previous post, it appears Dragon's tail fell off because of the injury. We were hoping that it would heal over time because he was getting more and more use out of it, little though it was.

You can see the broken tail bone. Poor little guy.

Now to some old business.

@Daffy - How about naming your two-toned squirrel "Tommy Two-Tone"? That's my husband's idea. I came up with some really stupid names, like... two-tone. :)

@Ratty - I haven't seen very many tame squirrels either. I think some of the squirrels at my new place may be more tame. They at least don't run when they see a human, but I've only seen a couple and they don't know me yet.


Shellmo said...

Hope your squirrel makes it! I have a squirrel that is missing half his tail and he seems to make it around okay! (Plus he gets a ton of free peanuts from me - lol!)

Driver said...

I'm not a squirrel expert by any means, but it does look like Dragon has enough tail left so he is functional. The poor dear.

I hope you like the new place and there are squirrel buddies around.

Serenity said...

Aww you are going to miss those little critters aren't you!
I like your hubbys suggestion but how about a little shortening for ease. (I'm easily confused) Tripple T! :o)
This is Daffy btw... I'm not logged into Wordpress and I have a spare blogger blog I never use...

Ratty said...

I'll bet Dragon will be able to adapt without the full tail. Animals sometimes have a way of figuring things out. I'm sure the new squirrels will be coming to you begging for food in no time at all. :)

Anonymous said...

My first comment seems to have got up and walked away. I think the little guy with the half tail should be okay, if he can keep his balance in the trees.

Steve in Germany