Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Squirrel Head Caught In Yoplait Cup

Poor squirrel! But oh so funny.


Ginnymo said...

I saw this on the news today. I felt so sorry for that squirrel and was happy to hear that someone got it off. Did you know there are warnings on those cartons just for that reason??

Chris Petrak said...

what a riot - lol - but also reminded me of a grim occasion in the spring when I found a red squirrel that got stuck in a bird house opening sometime during the winter - I have to admit to conflicted feelings about the squirrels, since they prey on nestlings (and eat a lot of my seed). But this video was fun. Glad it turned out ok for the squirrel

Kelly said...

oh.....that poor little thing. I didn't like the sound of him hitting the ground. Thank goodness they are jumpers! Glad someone got it off.

dAwN said...

poor thing! thank goodness its off..

Andor Marton said...

It was somehow funny, but I'm sure the squirrel didn't feel that way. It's nice to hear that the story had a happy end for the squirrel.

Steve said...

Sorry,but I don't find it funny.

Rene said...

ginnymo - No, I had no idea! I'll have to get a better look at those Yoplait cups.

Chris - That is a sad story. Poor little guy, but I know what you mean about conflicted feelings. They also eat eggs, right? But, that's the way of nature.

Kelly - You're right. I had the sound off, so I didn't hear that until you mentioned it.

Dawn & Andor - Yes, that goodness for happy endings!

Steve - I understand your feelings, and I wouldn't have found it funny if
a. the squirrel wasn't rescued
b. the squirrel was hurt, injured or died
c. the squirrel was caught in the cup because someone littered
d. someone forced the cup onto the squirrel's head

But I can chuckle at a squirrel getting itself into trouble, by digging into a trash receptacle or someone's (ahem!) unattended backpack. And sometimes even an attended backpack! Or licking my bike tire while I'm still on the bike!

Steve said...

Rene, I see your point.

dAwN said...

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