Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How About A Kiss?

The flu knocked me out for a few weeks, but just in time for Valentine's week, it's mating season! Actually, this was taken shortly before the New Year.

The female squirrel was way out on the end of a very small limb. She was playing hard to get, and she also acted like she was scared, but she had no trouble getting away when she wanted.

They were vocalizing like crazy. He was making short grunt-like calls and she would scream at him every now and then. There were actually two males chasing her initally until she got out on that small limb. At that point, only one continued to chase her while the other waited at the trunk of the tree. The aggressive male then secured his position / pathway on the limb and chased away the other male.

This is the face she'd make when she screamed at him. Somtimes it was just because she felt like screaming, but sometimes he'd grab her tail and she wasn't having any of that!

This female isn't Preggers, but we definitely think Preggers is expecting. She's showing just the tiniest bit. I'll get pictures as weather allows.

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