Friday, February 27, 2009

Short Post For the Weekend

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  We got a couple of nibblers willing to eat near eachother a few days ago.

Sometimes we get four or five squirrels at a time sitting in the little "rail boxes".

We also have a new regular. We call him "Norman the Doorman". He likes to stand on his hind legs and help me open the sliding glass door with his little front paws. Very cute! Of course I will try to get a photo of it.

Yesterday, there were a couple of little squirrels facing off on their hind legs on top of a neighbor's A-framed roof. All of a sudden, one jumped into the air and landed on top of the other squirrel causing both squirrels to go rolling down the roof like a tire! I don't have photos of that incident, but I'll post squirrel wrestling photos in a few days.

I have also noticed more squirrel fighting and chasing in general. Preggers is the aggressor most of the time, I suspect. This morning, I found bits of squirrel tail on my porch. :( Spooky, Scamp and Norman don't appear damaged in any way, but I haven't seen Preggers yet today.

Tomorrow is the last dry day before another storm system comes through, so have a great weekend, where ever you live!

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worldphotos4 said...

I enjoyed the photos and the post. The squirrels that visit me don't tend to visit at the same time. When one take a nut and leaves another will stop by. At the moment I only have two that are visiting. Do you mind if I add your site to my blog roll? Have a great weekend.

Rene said...

Of course, please do! I should start a blogroll, too. It would make it much easier to follow blogs. Mind if I add you to mine?

worldphotos4 said...

Rene, thanks. I would be honored.

daffy said...

hehe, well I'm lucky enough to have found you both and you are both on my blogroll! :o)
Love this photograph Rene.